Our Story

definition - Biscuit Fridays; One day a week which is dedicated to eating biscuits on the sofa with warm milk, before the last day of the working week starts. A celebration of love, comfort and looking forward to family time at the weekend.

What does eating biscuits on a friday have to do with childrens toys and gifts? In a word, nothing. What does it say about our company ethos - everything! This website is for people who want to celebrate the ones they love, provide beautiful things to comfort them with and enjoy family time with activities and crafts rather than TV and computers.

Biscuit Fridays is run by us - Emma and Nikie, two mums who love nothing more than finding beautiful and unique gifts for the little people in our lives. When life overtook and time became scarce it became harder to scour the Lanes of Brighton so instead we turned to the internet to find what we used to seek out and failed to find one company that offered everything we were looking for.

Whilst chatting over a cup of tea in Emma’s kitchen one day, the concept was born to create a website designed for mums that could offer them a stress free environment in which to shop that would enable them to find that perfect and unique gift.

We started working from tables in our kitchens, animals running under our feet and sometimes even sick children on the sofa. But out of the disordered chaos of family life we hope that we have created a beautiful haven of shopping calm for you to shop in the comfort of your own home.


Our children Dids, Milly, Harry and Jack are our best product testers and most avid critics!